The Hierarchy's One.Will Talks Fourth Project and C.N.O. Vibes [Interview]

Written and Photographed By: Chantal Gainous // @planetchachi

One.Will's new album One Summer drops today on Soundcloud at 8:50 PM, a clever time reference to his hometown area code. One.Will, whose real name is William Matthews, is a Rickards High School graduate who focuses his brand entirely off the motto "Cool N*ggas Only, No Killing Vibes.' And until you f*ck it up he claims, anyone is and can be apart of the cool n*gga squad.

The One Summer project started to develop last summer when One.WIll joined New Orleans native rapper Curren$y and Rolling Loud Festival company Dope Entertainment for the Florida stretch of the Pilot Talk 3 Tour. The tour included stops in Orlando and Tampa... but the one that inspired him the most would be a night in Miami at the Riviera Suite on the South Beach.

Axiom sat down with One.Will, and his creative director Zion, to explore his fourth project to date. 

One.Will: I remember waking up [in the hotel] ready to make a whole album. But I knew I couldn't until we got to Tally...but I was ready. The tour, and seeing how Curren$y's lived, was inspiration. He moves how he wants to move and hurts for nothing.

Will initially anticipated that he would make a 3-part album, release it in a month and be on to the next one. 

W: I did drop FlyMu$ic about a month after the tour, but then I had to find a new studio. My engineer moved to New York, so I was looking [for a place] that would give me that clean, crisp sound. So it took longer than I thought it would to find that someone; shout out to Outlawed Beats.
Zion: It was about timing. 

One.Will's stage name comes from knowing that he's unlike anyone else.

W: Being around OGs, I always heard themselves calling each other One...One Tony, One This, One That, and they told me that was to just say that there is no one else like them. So there is no one else like One.Will.

Being into rap since high school, One developed most of his sound after wanting more than just impromptu high school battles.

W: You know, we were battle rapping on the cafeteria tables, but I got tired of freestyling. I wanted to start creating music.

Fast forward, three mixtapes later, One.Will has developed a sound inspired by the likes of Wiz Khalifa's 2010 mixtape Kush & Orange Juice.

W: When I'm feeling a vibe, I turn on 'Mesmerize.' My music is what you turn on when you're ready to vibe out. 

The track sample Will shared with Axiom,  'Modern Art,' is lifted, a much lighter sound from his last project WillEstate.  

W: It's a good representation of the whole album. The artists we have now are modern art. It used to be that a piece of artwork was worth millions, now the artist themselves is worth millions. I wanted something you could live a lifestyle to, not just listen to. 

One Summer is a tall glass of homemade lemonade and a perfectly rolled blunt on the back porch. A perfect anthem to the first day of Summer. 

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Listen to the new album below. 

One.Will is performing Friday, June 23 at the Submersive Sounds (IG: @submersive850) and at Good Deeds Retrograde next Friday, June 30.