An Intricate Interview

It's hot. We're back at the Castle. We've been here pretty often lately trying to infiltrate the the JAX-born, Tally-swagging artist collective that is Capital 6.  Last time we were following Cap 6 member Rob Ohtis for the ChannelPyro's album release, Ohtis' side project.

But our focus has turned and we're zooming in on Intricate the Almighty. Known to his momma as Ephraim Riggins, the 23-year-old rapper is one of the six members of Cap 6.

His style and influence is consistently introspective, but nostalgic enough for 90s Coogi sweaters and realized Phife Dawg inspiration.

Vibe to the some never before seen visuals captured exclusively by Axiom Magazine and listen to our Intricate interview podcast where Riggins discusses his song 'One for e.' and what to expect on the Portal Jump project. 

Portal Jump is now available  on Soundcloud.

Intricate will perform the entirety of the album live on radio station V89 tonight, Saturday July 15, at 6pm.