Intricate the Almighty Reopens the Portal for New Bonus Track [Exclusive Premiere]

The Cap 6 Portal has reopened. Intricate the Almighty has released exclusive bonus track, 'LampShade (Watch Your Ego 2020),' following 3 days after his second solo project release, Portal Jump.

The now 22nd track produced by [offbeatninja] was originally track #15 - where 'Elevate (Loner's Lullaby)' is. But it stands strong alone, a unique outro of sorts,  contemplative of literal dreams of fame.

"Visions of being christened in crowds screaming my name like the hero, but a seer told me to watch my ego," Intricate raps. 

The lyrics reference a reading done by a spiritually in-tune woman after a poetry event.

"She was doing readings after her feature at Black on Black Rhyme, I wanted to know what she saw for me, but she didn't tell me anything but 'watch my ego.' I had this vivid dream of standing on stage throwing my hand up for the beat to drop and the crowd jumped up. It was very brief but I've keep it with me forever," Intricate told AXIOM magazine.

'LampShade (Watch Your Ego 2020)' is a short 1:42, but will leave you pondering your own alignment in reality.

Take the jump below.